Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Month, and Counting

So, I apologize for the no-so-updated blog posts.  I really just don't what to write about these days.  I mean, the touristy things are over, classes are done, no more excursions, and no more work, right?  Well, I am in Prague, and I have been trying to make the best of it.

As of November 9th, I finished my classes at SIT.  I managed to cram a lot of work with 4 classes [Czech History, Arts, and Social Change I / Czech History, Arts, and Social Change II / Intensive Czech Language / and Field Study Seminar].  This last month I have been developing a project proposal for my final project.  It is counted as a class, but in reality, it is not a class, but an independent study.  That is what I have been working on since classes ended, and the final project will be presented and written just a few short days before I head back home to NY.

My project incorporates NGO activity, multicultural studies, and czech education.  I am representing the Multicultural Center of Prague in a project they developed called La Ngonpo.  I am traveling to schools in the Czech Republic to see how the project works in a class setting, observe the cross-cultural atmosphere in Czech schools, and evaluating the project with my own observations and questions.  I am traveling tomorrow to a city called Brno to attend my first class and I am very excited!  I'm not so happy about waking up at 5am though, haha.  As far as last week goes, I have been confirming these trips, visiting the Multicultural Center, and catching up on some sleep and sites in Prague.  So, needless to say, I have been taking it easy a bit, but now it's crunch time.  Less than one month and I will be back home in NY with my family and friends.  I sit here now, reading all the statuses and messages about Thanksgiving break, and I'm very jealous.  If you're smart and know your history, that whole Indian & Settlers meal that took place in America, yeah, that's where the holiday was created.  So no, they don't celebrate it in Europe.  However, me and my classmates are getting together to have our own little Thanksgiving feast on Thursday (I'm making the sweet potatoes).  I am looking forward to a nice, traditional, American meal.  The good news after that, my Uncle Vic is coming from London to visit! He'll be here all weekend and I'm VERY excited to see him and enjoy the funny martini-filled nights.

Some other little tidbits to entertain:
-I visited the club where Rihanna shot her "Don't Stop the Music" music video. Radost FX is the name.
-I attended my first film festival in Prague to see a collection of international films.
-I signed up for a gym (finally) in Prague.  It costs about $45 USD and takes me 45 minutes to get there, but it's worth it.
-I intern for the Multicultural Center about twice a week, reading articles, proof-reading English-translated publications, and evaluating projects.
-I spent a good portion of the past weekend blowing my nose, going through countless amounts of tissues, and coughing up a storm (a.k.a. I was sick).
-I witnessed some guy puking his brains out on the tram.  The driver stopped the tram, came out behind the wheel, and yelled at the guy, delaying us about 15 minutes in traffic.
-Another person fell on me (not on the tram) but on the bus.  He was covered in construction filth and left my lap covered in god-knows-what.

Well, that's pretty much my latest update.  I'll have more to talk about after my visit to the school in Brno, my Thanksgiving dinner, and my weekend with Uncle Vic.  But for now, 25 days until I'm home!

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  1. Kyle we are all counting the days till you come home and it won't be the holidays till you get here.I have been trying to think of a creative Christmas card maybe something post Sandy with a LIPA flare or maybe Gangnam-style lol.I'm sure your excited to see Uncle Vic and Celia.Did you know the embassy sent a car for Vic and taking him to a meeting first.Just wanted to mention for you to visit the church of the infant baby Jesus(mema and ump a were there and they loved it)maybe bring her a token from there also visit Pivovar U Tri Ruzzi a great new pub. Also have you been by Jazz dock for a cocktail?? heard it is very cool by the water. Na Prikope is where you would find me shopping. Heard cotto crudo is the place to be, you should go there with Uncle Vic. Also for a bowl of spicy noodle soup, Red Hot Chili, all of this was listed in the NY Sunday Times.Article titled Hidden Prague which i saved for you.I will speak to you tomorrow love you always mom xoxo